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Our differences define us.

For me, believing in things is how I define life. I believe in living curiously and exploring every passionate or unconventional thought that crosses my mind. I believe in nourishing the soul unapologetically, with whatever food or experience brings joy and a necessary amount of discomfort. I believe in traveling far and discovering life through the shoes of others, and changing our lenses every once in a while. I believe in living with meaning, and strategically designing our lives with intention. I believe in dressing freely, because that's the most beautiful part of expression. I think that passions should rule our time, and mine revolve around yoga, design, travel and people. I don't believe in comfort zones, for they hold us back from the emotions that provide us with growth. I don't believe or expect that you will agree with me on everything I write here, because that is an unrealistic expectation.

With that, our differences may define us, but they shouldn't separate us. That is what nomadic intentions expresses: the beauty of living differently, dressing differently, and feeling differently. So ask questions,  encourage the unfamiliar, and challenge not only your own thoughts, but mine too. We don't have to agree with one another to respect one another, but we do have to understand one another.